Antiradiation Conductive Fabric
Conductive fabric
Conductive fabric tape
Cu/Al Foil tape
$11.20 - $14.20/square meter
100 square meters(Min. Order)

Dongguan Taikun Precision Material Technology Co., LTD. is the leading manufacturer of RFID & EMI shielding and conductive textile products, focused on EMI/RFID electromagnetic shielding materials, composite materials research and development, production and sales more than 11 years.

The product is mainly used in electronic products, electrical products, mobile communication equipment; Bags, purses, suitcases and bags; Clothing, household articles; Shielding room, military shielding tent; Shielding curtains; Medical equipment, key protection equipment, etc. 

We have 3 vacuum magnetron sputtering coating production lines; 30 sets of composite ion plating equipment, 20 sets of silver fiber plating machines, precision program control laminating machines, precision double seat die-cutting machines.

Monthly production capacity of 300,000 square meters. Certificate and owned independent R&D products patents

Taikun company is committed to becoming the world's leading supplier of electronic materials, building a century-old enterprise that allows everyone around the world to enjoy the fun of technology while protecting everyone's health.

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$3.76 - $4.87/meter
1 meter(Min. Order)

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